In an ongoing effort to improve communication, we hope that this site becomes a useful tool that you can use to stay informed of the many facets of our wonderful community. Under the second button above, "Minutes/Newsletter" , you will find the most recent draft board meeting minutes and recent approved annual and board meeting minutes, and the most recent Newsletter. Under the third and fourth buttons are your governing documents. The fifth button provides you with current year income and expenses compared to the budget.

How to contact us

Board of Directors Meetings

Questions, suggestions or opinions?

Email your thoughts, we look forward to hearing from you.

        ​by phone: 406-446-1204

        by mail: RLCCEPOA

                        P O Box 501

                        Red Lodge, MT 59068

        email: rlccepoa@rlccepoa.org

Board of Directors

The next Annual Meeting will be scheduled for July 2018.​


Membership Meetings

Wally Tate, Chair 
Clay Cummins,Vice-chair

Joe Johnson

Larry Martin

Susan Roi

​Tom Schwin

David Quinn

​Dan Seifert

The next Board of Directors meetings is scheduled for 4:00pm, February 23, 2018, at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, Red Lodge, MT